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Extracurricular commitments

We invite all students to get involved in university activities. Many students see their university as more than just the place where they can receive an academic education. Rather, they also identify with their alma mater. There are many opportunities for students to get involved in university activities.

Faculty Council

The Faculty Council is the highest decision-making body of the Faculty of Business Administration and Economics. It is responsible for all important decisions, for example on amendments to the exam regulations and structural changes to the courses offered. In addition to the professors and the representatives of the academic and non-academic staff, the Faculty Council also includes three student members, who are elected by their fellow students for a term of one year.

Departmental Student Committee

The Departmental Student Committee (Fachschaft) is a group of students who take on indispensable tasks in the organisation of everyday student life. The Departmental Student Committee comprises six elected members, along with a number of non-elected members (all volunteers) whose tasks include offering introductory events for first-year students and preparing documents to accompany lectures as well as organising the traditional “BWLer” parties and, last but not least, co-hosting the “Öko-Cup” annual football match (professors and assistants versus students).


As the largest international student organisation with more than 90,000 members in over 120 countries worldwide, AIESEC strives to foster international understanding through an intensive cultural exchange during internships abroad. AIESEC also offers opportunities to enrich your studies with interesting and varied practical experience. For more information and to participate, please contact the Düsseldorf local office.

Student Parliament, AStA and Senat

There are also other ways for students to get involved. Firstly, there’s the student parliament and AStA student union, then there’s also the Senate. Students elect the student parliament for a term of one year. It handles all issues relating to student self-governance and also elects the members of the AStA student union. Short for allgemeiner Studierendenausschuss, which literally means the general student committee, the members of the AStA student union are the highest representatives of students at a university. As a body of student self-governance, AStA works independently of the university and its rectorate. The members of AStA represent students’ interests vis-à-vis the university, the public and the political sphere, and therefore play a decisive role in ensuring students’ goals and concerns are heard.

Student assistants (studentische Hilfkraft, SHK)

The Dean’s Office, the chair holders and the departments within the Faculty of Business Administration and Economics supplement their staff with student employees – insofar as financial resources are available from the university for this. Students are able to apply for a position as a student assistant in the Dean’s Office or with one of the chair holders or departments.

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