Registering as a doctoral researcher

Before starting to work on your doctoral dissertation, i.e. before or on your first day as a doctoral researcher, the proposed doctorate must be registered. Please submit undefinedthe basic information first to the   undefined Dean´s office only via e-mail and then send the required documents according to §4 (1) of the Doctorate Regulations to the Dean´s office.

 Documents that are required in accordance with § 4 (1) PhD regulation:

Mandatory reading

For a cumulative dissertation there are several publications in a specialist journal with an accepted method of evaluation necessary. The included publication must have already been published, accepted for publication or submitted. Manuscripts in preparation cannot be part of a cumulative dissertation. Your supervisor will decide how many publications you need.

The dissertation consists of the individual publications, as well as a comprehensive text accompanying the classification of publications in a broader scientific context. After handing in each paper, you must have an extra page featuring the following: name of the journal, impact factor, how much you have contributed in %, whether as primary or secondary author

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