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Why study economics in Düsseldorf?

Obtaining a degree in economics

HHU has offered an entirely new bachelor’s study programme in economics since the winter semester 2010/11. It has a standard study period of six semesters during which students can select different specialisations.

Culminating in a Bachelor of Science (BSc) degree, this study programme imparts the specialist knowledge and key skills in economics needed for a successful transition to professional life or to pursue a master’s study programme. In small groups and in close cooperation with the professors, students learn the basic models and methods of economics, work on projects independently, and discuss aspects of economics both major and minor with their professors.

HHU has also offered a two-year Master of Science (MSc) in Economics since the winter semester 2011/12. This study programme focuses on research relevant to economic policy and to practical applications in politics and business.

The economics study programme – countless possibilities

The study programme comprises three core components: beside a general component that introduces the key aspects of economics, the programme includes many electives and project work to enable you to flexibly adapt your studies to your interests.

We draw on the entire range of methodologies available in modern economics in our teaching and research: we take theoretical, empirical and experimental approaches in our laboratory – meaning that all possibilities are open to you, too.

Do not hesitate to contact the faculty’s academic advising service in case of questions.

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