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Equal opportunity commissioner

In the Faculty of Business Administration and Economics, the central Equal Opportunity Officer is constantly represented by the Faculty Equal Opportunity Officers, especially in faculty-specific matters including appointment matters.

The Faculty Equal Opportunity Officers inform female students and scientists of the Faculty of Economic Sciences about the following topics:

  •     Qualification measures (only in german)
  •     Scholarships
  •     Mentoring
  •     Compatibility of career and family
  •     Childcare
  •     Emergency childcare (for children of employees)
  •     Vacation camps for children of employees and students


According to §24 of the Hochschulfreiheitsgesetzes, it is the task of the Equal Opportunity Officers to "safeguard the interests of women who are members or dependents of the university" and to this end "to work towards the inclusion of aspects relevant to women in the fulfillment of the university's tasks [...], in particular in academic work, in development planning and in the performance-oriented allocation of funds" (see §24 HFG).

Further, their legal duties are defined in § 17 of the State Equal Opportunity Act. In particular, the participation in meetings of the senate, the rectorate, the departmental councils, the appointment committees, the clinical board and other committees with the right to propose motions and speak, to which she is to be "invited and informed like a member".

The Equal Opportunity Officer "participates in social, organizational and personnel measures, including job advertisements, selection procedures and job interviews" and is also an "equal member of appraisal meetings" (see Art. 1(4), § 17, para. 1 LGG), which play an important role in public service promotions. According to § 17(2) LGG, "[...] its duties also include "advising and supporting employees in matters of equality".

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