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Eine Ansicht der Weltkarte bei Nacht.
Two young and dynamic faculties. Endless opportunities.

Legal and Economic Studies Programme

The Faculty of Law and the Faculty of Business Administration and Economics (FBE) of Heinrich Heine University invite students to spend a semester or year in Düsseldorf studying economics and law in English. 

The Legal and Economic Studies Programme allows students to create an individualised study abroad experience from the course offerings of both faculties, including classes specifically tailored to our international guests. 

Students will benefit from comparatively small class sizes and opportunities for practical learning both in the classroom and beyond thanks to Düsseldorf’s many international companies and law firms. This new interdisciplinary programme starts in autumn 2021.

Faculty of Law
The Faculty of Law’s focus is on research and teaching in the areas of business law and international law. The Faculty's well-deserved academic reputation, modern library and emphasis on bringing legal practice into the classroom make it one of the most popular places to study law in Germany.

Faculty of Business Administration
and Economics

The Faculty’s focus is on sharing and discussing current issues in business and economics. This best prepares students for a future career in enterprises, national and international organisations and government agencies as well as for further education and research.

  • Scope:
    Students can collect at least 15 ECTS per semester
    following an individualized study plan.
  • Languague skills:
    Sprechen Sie Deutsch? Take language courses in German!
  • Practical experience:
    Students can do work placements in international companies or law firms in Düsseldorf. 
  • Study abroad experience:
    International students at Heinrich Heine University are entitled to use the regular public transport system throughout the whole region of  North Rhine-Westphalia. Moreover Heinrich Heine University also offers excursions during the semester.

Syllabus Suggestion - Winter Term

Faculty of Law

Faculty of Business Administration and Economics

The Law and Legal System of Germany I, Public Law (2 SWS)

Institutions of the European Union (2 SWS)

Introduction to Public International Law (2 SWS)

Comparative Law Colloquium (2 SWS)

Institutional Economics (4 SWS)

Environmental Economics (6 SWS)

Syllabus Suggestion - Summer Term

Faculty of Law                                          Faculty of Business Administration and Economics

The Law and Legal System of Germany II, Civil Law (2 SWS)

European Union Internal Market Law (2 SWS)

International Dispute Resolution (2 SWS)

International Economic Law (2 SWS)

Macroeconomics (4 SWS)

Termpaper (2.5 SWS)
(Elective Course)

* Courses on offer may vary slightly from this list. 

SWS = Semesterwochenstunden. Conversion for ERASMUS students: 2 SWS = 4 ECTS.

Further information on the law courses can be found here.

All Incomings of the Faculty of Business Administration and Economics can take part in this programme.

Programme Director (FBE)

Prof. Dr. Ulrike Neyer
Gebäude: 24.31
Etage/Raum: 01.20

Academic Director of International Programs (Faculty of Law)

Foto von Holly Wesener

Holly Wesener
Academic Director of International Programs

Gebäude: 37.05
Etage/Raum: 06.007

Exchange Coordinator (FBE)

Felix Wittkopf

Gebäude: 24.31.
Etage/Raum: 00.23

Representative for International Affairs (Faculty of Law)

Prof. Dr. Anne Schneider LL.M.
Gebäude: 24.81
Etage/Raum: 01.45