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Dean of Studies’ Office and Examining Board

The Dean of Studies’ Office and Examining Board are responsible for the recognition of study and exam achievements as well as general aspects relating to the exam regulations. Specifically, this includes decisions on the recognition of study achievements from other higher education institutions in Germany and abroad. The Examining Board moreover advises German and international students on such matters.

Students wishing to transfer to HHU from another university should contact the Examining Board regarding recognition of their study achievements to date before they enrol. The Examining Board can also recognise study achievements already obtained after enrolment though.

You must register for the final module examinations for the bachelor’s and master’s study programmes in business administration and economics at the Registrar’s Office (Building 21.02) or online.

Members of the Examining Board


Prof. Dr. Alexander Rasch

Deputy Chairwoman

Univ.-Prof. Dr. Eva Lutz

The other members of the Examining Board and their deputies are listed below.

Other members Deputy members
Prof. Dr. Christian Wey
Prof. Dr. Marius Wehner
Dr. Andrew Isaak
Patrick Tenner
Michelle Huynh
Prof. Dr. Ulrike Neyer
Prof. Dr. Joel Stiebale
Dr. Marisa Henn
Leon Husemann
Quentin Staudinger
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